GC17WZX - Die PiratenBucht by Bu en Pu A romantic bay with fishermen's houses.

Pirates bay is the nickname for this beautiful bay.
Some small houses are located in the rock itself. The occupants call this part of the island "Poris de Candelaria".
The bay is only inhabited in the weekends. Therefore you will have enough time to make photographs and to enjoy the silence and the sounds of the sea.
Tip: it is the most beautiful here in the afternoon, because the sun position is more favourable.

Please note: the way down to the parking place with several steep turns needs good brakes, but with some prudence it's no problem to drive down.
Start with the descend at the police station of Tijarafe ('Guardia civil', N 28° 42.660 W 017° 57.416, altitude 650 meters). In the beginning the road is very steep, but that changes rapidly. Drive some 4 km to the parking place (N 28° 42.186 W 017° 58.348, altitude 110 meters).
You can also combine the cache also with a walk from Tijarafe.
The cache is located some meters below the parking place near the path. When you follow the path further you will end up in the bay. Enjoy!
Do not forget to take along the spoiler pictures!

A note on cache maintenance: This will be performed by team Kangoo, who live on the island several times a year.

Spoiler #1
Spoiler #2